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Citroen Servicebox SEDRE 11 2010 Download [REPACK] Pc

Citroen Servicebox SEDRE 11 2010: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are looking for a reliable and updated source of information on Citroen cars, you might want to check out the Citroen Servicebox SEDRE 11 2010. This is a software package that contains parts catalog, service manuals, wiring diagrams and other useful data for Citroen vehicles. In this article, we will show you how to download and install this software on your PC.

Citroen Servicebox SEDRE 11 2010 download pc

What is Citroen Servicebox SEDRE 11 2010?

Citroen Servicebox SEDRE 11 2010 is the successor of the Citroen LASERtech catalog. It was released in November 2010 and covers all Citroen models, including new ones. It provides complete information on all car parts and accessories, as well as documentation on repair and maintenance. It also allows you to search by VIN or model, decode each position of the VIN, and access normochasy data[^1^].

Citroen Servicebox SEDRE 11 2010 supports multiple languages, such as English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and more. It works through a browser by setting a time on the server, and it can be connected to multiple client machines. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems[^1^].

How to download Citroen Servicebox SEDRE 11 2010?

Citroen Servicebox SEDRE 11 2010 is not available for free download from the official Citroen website. However, you can find some links to download it from third-party sources on the internet. For example, you can use the following link to download it from[^2^]:

Citroen Service Box + SEDRE [11.2013]

This link contains a compressed file of about 15.8 GB that includes three ISO images of the software DVDs. You will need a password to extract the file, which is: scarymistake[^1^].

How to install Citroen Servicebox SEDRE 11 2010?

To install Citroen Servicebox SEDRE 11 2010 on your PC, you will need some additional software tools to bypass the Secure Rom protection of the DVDs. These tools are Alcohol 120% and A.C.I.D. Wizard Plugin. You can download them from the following links[^2^]:

Citroen +20 Years Working!!!.rar

Alcohol 120%

After downloading and installing these tools, follow these steps to install Citroen Servicebox SEDRE 11 2010[^1^]:

  • Run Alcohol 120% and go to Virtual Drive > Numbers of Virtual Drives and select 1.

  • Go to Emulation and tick all the boxes (3 of them).

  • Go to Extra Emulation and tick only BAD Emulation.

  • Click OK.

  • Put the three ISO images of Citroen Servicebox SEDRE 11 2010 in Alcohol 120%.

  • Click on Start > Alcohol > A.C.I.D. Wizard.

Tick all the boxes (if not already) and c481cea774


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