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Do you know how to get female enemies to be a party member? I read a guide and it said that you have to defeat several of them, but how many? or maybe there are certain condition you have to fulfill first like level/renown?

Now lets talk about \what to level\. I will be clear, there is NO OPTION about that, you should start leveling \charismatic\ you have to max it the sooner the better. When you have it maxed you will unlock 3 new skills that you can max:-Inspiring leader: Increases party damage-Enduring leader: Increases party defences (endurance and resistance)-Enthusiastic leader: Increases party speed

While on a D-Rank dungeon raid, E-Rank Hunter Sung Jinwoo and his raid party discover a second hidden dungeon inside the gate. They decide to check it out, but realize too late that it's a trap and find themselves locked in with no way out and surrounded by statues who kill them if they make the slightest error.

As part of their deal, Jinwoo and Jinho form a ragtag raid party so that they can start legally clearing C-Rank dungeons. However, their breakneck speed attracts the attention of Ahn Sangmin, a high-ranking employee under the White Tiger Guild.

Jinwoo receives a quest notification from the System and is transported to another instant dungeon, where he runs into an army of armored soldiers and a mysterious red knight that guards an empty throne.

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i think being able to rape/seduce the employee in thief as well, a rape/seduce of a hen party with bride/mother/sister/maids of honour where ending could be bride runs from wedding and sets up with you and the others in a harem, a cheerleading practice

i think some more options, a hen party where you either seduce or just bang the bride/the mother/and the maids of honour (if seduce the bride runs away and marries you later), the babysitter should have been babysitting another fertile girl who you bang as well, maybe a sleepover party should be included and more days, make it a month

Mario and his party arrive at Booster Tower. As they arrive, they see Bowser lamenting the loss of his keep and the "good old days". Once Bowser notices the others, he tries to act tough. At the top of the tower, Toadstool notices Mario and calls out to him. Afterwards, Bowser leaves. Mario tries to enter, but the door to the tower is locked. However, Bowser shows up again. On his own, he decides to help out Mario and destroys the tower's front door. He then joins Mario and his friends by making them honorary members of the Koopa Troop.

After Knife Guy and Grate Guy are defeated, Mario continues to follow Booster, who runs up Booster Hill with Toadstool and tries to marry her in the wedding town of Marrymore. Mario disrupts the wedding and wants to take the princess back to Mushroom Kingdom. However, the creators of the wedding cake, Chef Torte and his Apprentice, are angry because of this and fight Mario. During the battle, their cake comes to life. After the fight, Booster eats the cake, and Mario and Toadstool go back to Mushroom Kingdom. The Chancellor is glad about the princess's return. However, with the help of her chambermaid, who disguises herself as the princess, Toadstool is able to escape from the castle and join Mario's party.

After the required amount of courses is cleared, Mario proceeds and fights the brainwashed Magikoopa. After its defeat, the Magikoopa comes to its senses again and helps out Mario's party, creating the magic treasure box as well as healing them. Croco also appears for a second time offering his items.

Mario reaches the final room of the keep again, a


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