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God, I reject my free will.

Father, God almighty, Abba!

I love you, I know you give us free will because you want it to be our choice to love you.

I choose you! Over everything and it is also said in your word that, we should die to ourselves and be filled with the Spirit.

Therefore I humbly step before your Throne with my head bowed down. I come to deposit my gift before you! The gift of free will burdens me. Like sin, free will is a burden to my hunger for you. I will leave it in your presence for safekeeping, yeah free will is cool but I want less of me, more of Jesus. I want to die to myself and be filled by the Holy Spirit. Because I do things that I despise, that disgusts me because sin dwells in me. If I die, then I am free of sin.

I leave my free will before your Throne so that I can be a better vessel to You. I was a child, I thought as a child and saw the work As a Burden. But. Abba, I repent, please forgive me.

I want more of you God. You have set a fire down in my soul, that I can’t contain, I can’t control, nor do I want to!

Now I want more of you God. I am starving for your presence but sin is my way, it stands tall as an obstacle in the Spirit. My sins are my choices. The choice is a burden to me.

I am making this covenant with you Lord. You are not a forceful God, which is why I am willingly leaving my free will before your Throne so Jesus can live in me.

I am a Son, no longer a child, I am ready to start working in the family business. Thank you for giving me a passion to share the Gospel.

I am picking up the cross and following you Jesus. Ready to Go in the World to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ with much zeal. I offer my body, my will as a living sacrifice to the Kingdom.

I, your beloved prodigal Son, have come back with a fierce dedication to Serve.


Kerby J.

Make this prayer yours and sign your name under it. Your own covenant with God, your Father.

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