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Pick up your mat & Walk

Jesus is Eternal life. Jesus is healing. Eternal Life comes with Healing!

At the Sheep Gate in Jerusalem was a pool called Bethesda which means House of Mercy.

There were a great number of Disable people there. From time to time, an angel of God would come and stir the waters ( healing angels) and the first one to get inside the pool would be healed of any sicknesses. Now, the place is called House of Mercy, that’s why most of these people are here. God is interesting, the water would stir, they call it a disturbance, then the healing comes. If your life is stirred up, then your healing must be close, your breakthrough must be close, and the miracle must be close. God will stir something up. Miracles don't happen unless your faith is Stirred up.

When the lame see the water stirring, their faith begins to stir, however, there was a man laying there for 38 years, who was unable to get in the pool in time, no one helped him, and no one had mercy on him. Now, all that was needed was little help to get there, how many of you need only a little help, just a nudge?

Okay, stay with me.

Jesus saw him and asked about his condition, of course, Jesus knew his conditions, but He wanted to bring to their attention that all of you know him, know what he needs and have the means to help him, but no one does.

I believe there are people in your life who have the means to help you but they chose to ignore you, but I have good news, check out what Jesus is going to Do.

Jesus went and asked the man “ Do you want to get well?” Well, Jesus of course knew the answer but asked him anyway. Someone from our age would say “ duh, captain obvious, all of us are here for this reason”. Sometimes you have been in a situation so long that you forfeit the idea that there may be a way out. Jesus is the way, the life, the bread of life. When Jesus asked Him, it's not because he doubted the information, he was stirring something inside the man, he was stirring his what???? His faith!!!

The guy said yes I do, but I have no Help! Everyone watching is expecting Jesus to help the man into the pool, after all, that's all he needed right? The man was like, man finally some help, let me get in this water right now.

Jesus is interesting," I am God, and God and I are the same." Now the people know when the water is Stirred, it is God providing healing for them, hence why they called the pool Bethesda, Jesus said I only do what I see my father Doing. The Father and I are one.

Pause to think, if Jesus just helped him into the pool, they would have discredited this Miracle, saying anyone could have helped him. In fact, people are healed every time it stirs and that has been happening long before you.

Jesus is phenomenal so He did the unexpected, of course… It's Jesus dude!

Get up! Pick up your mat & walk. Woahhh! No water? No “ let me give you a hand?” Dude was invalid for 38 years!!! But this is what stirred water will do to you. When your faith is stirred, Jesus said, I know it's been 38 years, but do you still want this? I know you’ve lost faith but are you still down? The guy remembered the life he dreamed of and did not even doubt, he did not Question God. At once, he was cured.

Now, what happened here? His faith healed him, it happens in your spirit way before it manifests in your body or your circumstances. He was cured, then picked up his mat and walked. Yes, right now I say pick up your mat and walk, do you still want that child? Pick up your mat and walk. Still want the marriage? Pick it up and walk! The healing? Pick it up and walk!

Jesus proves that He is God, one with God, and does what he sees His Father doing. Father heals he also heals. Jesus is the Eternal Life, In Jesus, there is LIFE! In Jesus is Eternal Life. Eternal Life carries healing as it is mentioned in the book Romans, The Spirit Gives Life to our Mortal Bodies.

When Jesus has been good to you, worship Him like never before, and break traditions when he tells you to do something out of the Norm. It was a Sabbath and you are forbidden to carry your mat. Jesus could have just told him to get up and walk, Jesus knew it was forbidden to carry your mat on a sabbath. Jesus came to shatter religions.( amen, I bet that shook you) The disabled man knew it was against the law. When they asked him" why are you carrying your mat?" He said, "the man who made me well said to do so!" In between the lines I hear, you didn't help me, none of you did. Therefore I owe my allegiance to the one who did, imma do what he tells me. Because nothing you can do to me is significant enough to the miracle he performed for me. My question is, Are you grateful?

Listen now, the man had no idea who Jesus was, just like you, you have no idea who God can use for your situation but keep an open mind.

They wanted to know who made it well and Jesus wanted them to know it was Him that performed this miracle on the forbidden day. He went later that day and found the Guy. He did not say hey I'm Jesus, I am the one that made you well, He simply revealed Himself to the man. Something Interesting Jesus said, "Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you."

Hmmm, despite the mercy and Love and Grace

, if you don't stop sinning something really bad can happen to you because God operates with Justice. Grace is not a VIP pass to sin, it's not an invitation to sin. It is, however, an invitation to righteousness.

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