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Is Obedience better than sacrifice?

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

To explain this in a very concise way, what is disobedience like in God’s sight?

1 Samuel 15:23 "To go against what you are told is like the sin of witchcraft. Not obeying is like the sin of worshiping false gods". Idolatry.

Disobedience is not just a sin, but one of the most despicable in God's sight.

Why is it so?

Disobedience is direct insubordination and denial of authority. Compare it to a soldier who disobeyed a direct order. To God, disobeying His commands is just as if you were practicing witchcraft, or worshipping idols. ( yeah, that's pretty bad). God is a King, I can't imagine any kingdom where you can just defy supreme authority and get away with it.

Drunk driving gets you in big trouble because you disobeyed the constitution.

However, God is faithful, ask him to forgive your disobedience and to create in your a yielding heart. Rest assured, He Will!


What is it to Love God?

John 14:15 If you love me, keep my commands.

Commands are orders. To follow commands you must be obedient, like a soldier. Plenty of times it is challenging to do what is asked of you, however, that's where obedience comes through. Obedience is a direct way to Show love for God.

Often, we would rather make the sacrifice to go feed the poor, to fast, or give people money. Yet we refused the very calling over our lives. I want you to realize that Obedience is a sacrifice in itself. This is why obedience is better than Sacrifice. But I pray to God that you are doing both.

When you become obedient to the will of God, you cannot be in error, and you are guaranteed a Win.


Lord, please Forgive my sins, my disobedience in your unfailing love. Create in me a repentant heart and a loving spirit. I wish to do your will. Holy Spirit please teach me. In Jesus's name, I Pray.


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